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Well, I can see it was supposed to be hilaurious, but sadly you failed. All it is is a chicken getting blown up.


sorry but I hated it. Maybe if it was a little longer?

Also, I have a question.
Did this REALLY happen?

W35 responds:

As far as I know, yes.


if you have the google toolbar, when you comment it will tell you that your toolbar can autofill in the title. Press autofill and it will put in your phone number!
It happens because the google toolbar checks for the word "phone" right before any typing spaces. In the comment for this movie, it has the words "iPhone Shuffle"

On a more serious note, pretty good flash. That iPhone Shuffle thing would really suck!

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sorry but I really hated it. It was all wangy and demented and out of place. Half the time you couldn't really understand what was happening. We dumb people just can't catch on, you know? Like mans in the couch, then he answers phone, evil laugh and strange sound then some guy just barges in while the man grabs a pencil to defend himself. Kinda hard to take in.

That said, I hope this doesn't get blammed so I can see the sequel.

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it's so retarted......it's hilarious!

That was the best! KEEP EM COMING!!!!

Totally random and weird!

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

a man should never outlive his bees


very nice. But yeah, you probably could do to revisit this flash and update it with better animation and graphics.

all up, it's a very well done and thought through animation.

very sweet

a nice movie about love is always cute.
very well done, I admire your style.

pretty funny

nice job!
It may have pretty bad animation, use no good effects and have no loading bar or preloader, but it's still pure gold!

People like you prove that a flash can be good, no matter how bad quality it is.

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Yoshio responds:

even if you are shit at flash like Yoshio you can still make somthing good if you apply yourself

just terrible

I'll give you 0.7 just for the animation when the head comes off. THIS JUST SUCKS!!! Need to improve MAJORLY!!!! Maybe if everytime you clicked the bunny somethin diferent hapened.

Sadly, I don't have flash so the only way I can submit anything is to make it with another program and get one of you people to convert it from a gif it for me. I'm looking for someone so hold on.

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